Mentorship Journeys

As the name implies, our Mentorship Journeys are accomplished over time...they are a journey. These journeys are designed to layer your education with monthly online classes (we call them Touch Points) using GoToMeeting, "homework assignments" and a private social area to share your homework results. You will also be mailed actual printed samples on different papers which will be referenced during the post-processing/printing class. 

The PLUS Mentorship option simply adds the option of a Retreat during the eleventh month. Space is always very limited for this option, so be sure to book early if you would like to add the Retreat. 

The Retreat is filmed and provided to all Mentorship participants to keep.

A Wrap Up session for all happens during the final month. 

As University of Kentucky basketball Coach Cal says, "A successful person never loses...they either win or learn!"

Note: Prices listed here are Registration Fees ONLY. Click on each icon to see full investment, detailed information and dates AND to REGISTER.